Amateur Radio Station DL4FCH






Icom IC-736


Icom IC-736 with Speaker SP-21

Frequency range: 10-160m, WARC, 6m

Mode: AM, FM, SSB, CW

RF Power output: 100 W

Voltage: 230 V AC

Further details: Automatic antenna tuner, Passband tuning, 500 Hz CW narrow filter






VHF- and UHF-Station


Yaesu FT-290RII and FT-790RII

Yaesu FT-290 R II with PA FL-2025

Yaesu FT-790 R II with PA FL-7025

Frequency range: 144 - 146 MHz

Frequency range: 430 - 440 MHz

Mode: FM, SSB, CW

Mode: FM, SSB, CW

RF Power output: 2,5 W (with PA 25 W)

RF Power output: 2,5 W (with PA 25 W)

Voltage: 13,8 V DC

Voltage: 13,8 V DC



Portable Radio



Standard C500


Elbug "Hallberg 1" (homebrew 1995)

Keyer hand made mechanics from "Scheunemann",

Standard C500

Details: Keyer mechanics from "Schurr",

formerly "Schurr" More Info

2m/70cm FM with 5 W output

8 memory key, Automatic contest counter



More Info


APRS-Station (in my second car)



ALL-IN-ONE R2 APRS Tracker (2m/70cm 5 Watt)

Info under





Elecraft KX-1


Elecraft KX-1 (homebrew 2006)

Frequency range: 20m, 30m, 40m, 80m

Mode: CW

RF Power output: abt. 3 Watt

Further details: Automatic antenna tuner

  Hardware and Software:
PC Intel Core i5-3450 (Quad Core Prozessor)
OS Windows 10 64bit
Ham-Software Ham Office ME (Further info under:
  MixW 3.2.102 (Furter info under:
  WSJT-X V2.0 from K1JT (Further Info under:
  JTDX v17.9, based on WSJT-Xfrom K1JT (Further Info under:
  SIM V6997 from ON4NB (Further Info under:
  ROS v7.4.0 from EA5HVK (Further Info under:
  Fldigi v4.0.3 from W1HKJ & Associates (Further Info under:
Modem microHAM USB Interface III