Amateur Radio Station DL4FCH


Pictures  from Pellworm  Island 

(15. July  - 3. August 2001)

Lighthouse from Pellworm

Lighthouse from Pellworm

Our holiday flat at Nico's farm

Nico's farm

Our holiday flat at Nico's farm

Antenna for shortwave is a "Kelemen" trap-dipole for 10/15/20/40 and 80m up about 8m. 

Antenna for shortwave

The antenna for 70 cm packet radio is a HB9CV at a 6m-tower, distance to the digi at mainland about 38 km.

Rig for shortwave is a IC-736 with 100 wtts and for for packet radio a notebook 486-DX33 and a handy with 5 wtts. 


Shack from Peter, DL4FCH/p

Shack from Peter, DL4FCH/p

Visit by DL5CW/p and xyl DL5DYL/p on the little Hallig Hooge Island

Ferryboot "MS Gebrüder"at Pellworm

Ferryboot "MS Gebrüder"

Peter, DL4FCH/p, Andy, DL5CW/p and Marina, DL5DYL/p  

Peter, DL4FCH/p, Marina, DL5DYL/p and Andy, DL5CW/p on Hallig Hooge