Amateur Radio Station DL4FCH


Logo from D.A.R.C.

Pictures from DL/LX-friendships meeting in Luxembourg from 28. Aug. to 4. Sept. 1999.

Logo from R.L. Logo from ADRAD

"Centre de Formation" in Eisenborn

"Centre de Formation"

QTH from LXRL, "Rseau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes" - Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society


Harry/DL3FCP at LXRL

Karl/DL9ZH and Arsene/LX1RA

Karl/DL9ZH (l.), OVV from DARC OV F5  and Arsne/LX1RA (r.), from "Centre de Formation" in Eisenborn

Hedi/DK4HW and Harry/DL3FCP

Hedi/DK4HW and Harry/DL3FCP at LXRL

Ralf/DH7RD and Klaus/DJ9DX

Ralf/DH7RD and Klaus/DJ9DX at LXRL

A visit with LX-friends from the ADRAD (Radio amateurs du Kldall) into a mine-museum in Rmelingen:A visit into a mine-museum with LX-friends

1=Jrgen, 2=Harry/DL3FCP, 3=Hedi/DK4HW, 4=Manfred/DL4FS, 5=Gisela, 6=Mill/LX1CC, 7=Germaine/LX1EK, 8=Ray/LX1RR, 9=Karl/DL9ZH, 10=Alfred/LX2AK, 11=Peter/DL4FCH, 12=Klaus/DJ9DX, 13=Nick (son from LX1RA), 14=Arsne/LX1RA, 15=Mich/LX1KQ, 16=Roger/LX1BI, 17=Henriette, 18=Meta, 19=Alfred/LX1AR, 20=Hubert/DH5HF, 21=Luc (son from LX1RA), 22=Claude/LX1SC, 23=Jutta, 24=Manfred/DK7WT


Barbeque with friends from DL an LX in Eisenborn:Barbeque with friends from DL an LX

At the last morning:At the last morning

1=Peter/DL4FCH 2=Klaus/DJ9DX, 3=Jutta, 4=Manfred/DK7WT, 5=Hubert/DH5HF, 6=Gisela, 7=Hedi/DK4HW, 8=Ray/LX1RR, 9=Ralf/DH7RD, 10=Manfred/DL4FS, 11=Karl/DL9ZH, 12=Meta

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